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Auroville Intensive from 13th Feb - 17th Feb 2024

The Rusta

Rusta, nestled in the heart of Arambol, Goa, India, is a vibrant amalgamation of a holiday haven, a communal abode, and a multicultural nexus. Immerse yourself in the bucolic and unadulterated essence of Goa, all while basking in opulent indulgence amidst the lush tropical foliage and wildlife. Rusta boasts an inviting pool, a quaint sauna, all enveloped by the serene expanse of open paddy fields that gently ascend towards the verdant hills, offering breathtaking tropical vistas.

Food & Accommodation

Please note that the festival fee does not cover food & accommodation. However, our venue offers convenient options with a cafe & cottages.


The Rusta has 3 round houses and 1 apartment.

Shared accommodation & Single occupancy with attached bathrooms and hot showers available.  


For on site accommodation call us +919082574707 (Sunhi)


Within the neighboring village, local houses and apartments are accessible by walk. Here are some contact details for a few of the guest houses and properties.

Jose Villa {15-20 mins walk} : +9198923140680 (Augustin)

God’s Gift Guesthouse {15-20 mins walk}: +919923427570 (James)

Ivan Guesthouse {15-20 mins walk}: +919822127398 (Martin)

Tantra Loka Retreat Center - Dorms: +918145979578 (Tenzing) 


Aym Yoga Center: +917500277709  ( Yogi Centan )



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