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Auroville Intensive from 13th Feb - 17th Feb 2024

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Arambol Beach in Goa serves as the enchanting location for our India Contact Festival. This pristine coastal paradise, situated in the northern region of Goa, embodies the spirit of our festival perfectly. With its golden shores, swaying palm trees, and the soothing rhythm of the Arabian Sea, Arambol Beach provides an idyllic backdrop for a transformative experience. This vibrant destination offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, making it an ideal space for participants to engage in the art of contact improvisation, creative workshops, and community-building activities. Whether you're an experienced practitioner or a newcomer to the world of movement and connection, Arambol Beach's serene yet dynamic atmosphere ensures that you'll find inspiration, connection, and personal growth amidst the splendor of Goa's coastal charm. Join us at this unique location for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and movement exploration.


Arambol can be conveniently accessed by air through the newly established Manohar International Airport (GOX).


It's important to note that there are no direct flights to Goa from Europe. To reach Arambol, the best approach is to fly into major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or Bangalore and then connect with local flights. 

By Flight

How to get there?

For your travel to India, a VISA is required, but obtaining an E-VISA online is a straightforward process. Most nationalities can avail of this service online, although its availability may change, so it's advisable to verify the details in advance. You can apply for the E-VISA at the following online service:

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